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Finally, after a long long time, this page has been updated. Not the Igen Scrolls, right now I don't have time for the hours of work that that used to take, though in the future I hope to write an automated script that will generate those pages for me.

So what have I been working on all this time? Basically, two projects. One project being the golf course, pictures and articles on which I hope will appear soon. The other project, currently upper most in my mind, is the building work on our new house. To that end I've taken a little bit of time and set up some images for you to look at, and some description of what work is going on. I'll be adding to this regularly. First of all I apologise for the quality of the images. I don't as yet have a digital camera, and these are screen shots taken from a video camera. Not as good I warrant, but at least I can get the page up and not wait and wait till I finally get a camera. Anyway, you can get some idea of the building work here.

As for other stuff, here is all that I managed to do HTML wise while at college, now over thankfully, so I can get back to work. If you are at all interested I put up a page while I was there, to say what I was actually doing and why.



I use these pages primarily to keep friends up to date with details of my activities. I have a small area of farming land, about 20 hectares, situated in rural Brittany, France just outside a small little town called Huelgoat that is pictured above. I am building a golf course on part of the land, have some sheep and cows on the rest. Also plenty of woodland to keep the home fires burning. Don't worry, there is so much woodland that even with dead wood and clearance I can never keep up with what it produces.

One of the activities that I do in my spare time is MUSHing. For my friends on Pern I have several pages about my character's life and environment and the Igen Scrolls, useful for the other people that also share the MUSH. However all of these are woefully out of date now, and I doubt I'll have time to update any of this till deep winter 2001/2 when I hope to do a complete revamp of everything.

Please follow the links below to head off where you wish.



Down on the farm

Some information on the farm.

Into the realms of fantasy

Some PernMUSH info.